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Alexandria Bay Pizza Poll Results
Posted Tuesday, September 05, 2006 at 7:31:26 PM     Alexandria Bay, NY 1000 Islands

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Well, as many of you know we had a Best Pizza Poll during the summer and I would just like to sum up the results.

According the Poll on the website the true Winner is:
"Nobody, you can't get good Pizza in Alexandria Bay"

I would just like to congratulate "Nobody, you can't get good Pizza in Alexandria Bay" for winning the poll.  LOL

All kidding aside I suppose we can say sort of say that "Cavallario's Top of The Bay" won the poll. I mean not really, but whatever.....

Now, I also did a series of video interviews around town that everyone got a kick out of. I am posting them again for you. Some of the interviews are pretty funny.

Video 1.. Matt Chase starts off with some nice moves.. Jamie Parker does a lot of screaming... Hickory Parker tells people how he and I hold hands when we eat Pizza... Drunk Bryan Tidd screams bad shit in front of some little kid.... This video kicks ass

Video 2.. Starts off with me on the docks.. then off to Stalk Tricia...then I zoom in on Kim's tits... we eventually we learn that Fat Kids Like Pizza !! This video made "Fat Kid" Paul Farmer  a star!

Video 3... This one is kind of boring. Nicks goofy cousin talks for 5 minutes about nothing and then there are a few good scenes but nothing all that great. I harass Travis about working for Jesse James.. etc etc

Now that Best Pizza Poll is over it's is time to move on to one of my other favorite things which is Cheeseburgers. The Cheesburger Poll is on the Abay.com homepage so be sure to vote if you have an opinion.


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