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So I heard some clown opened a Pizza Shop !
Posted Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 2:10:45 PM     Alexandria Bay, NY 1000 Islands

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Ruddy's Pizzeria
420 7th North Street
Liverpool, NY 13088

Ok, so last week after the Sysco food show in Syracuse a few of us decided to go check out George Ruddy's new pizza shop.. For those of you that don't know George ran Skiffs in Alexandria Bay for a few years.

Moving on..

1st off let me tell ya that when old Johnny heard Ruddy was opening a pizza shop he didn't know what to think. Johnny didn't know if was going to be average, be good, completely suck (kidding), or what the deal was..

So here's the skinny..

The place is well laid out, looks nice, and George really seems to be into it. He's there every day, he has a lot to do with the recipies, he cooking, he's waiting on people, he's doing it all.

George spent a lot of time talking to us about some of things he is doing with the pizza. There are a lot of fresh ingredients involved and George got very excited as he talked about how they're doing things. From the cheese, to the sauce, to the fresh dough, he explained it all. Now, as someone in the restaurant biz I take that sort of excitement and enthusiasm as a very good sign that he might have a good chance with his business. You see, when the owner is there and when the owner truly gives a shit about the taste of the food you always got a shot. Ruddy also chose a neat location. He is surrounded by motels and is already making arrangments with them so they send him business.

So let me tell you about the pizza. It's a thin crust pizza and when you bite into it you can just tell there are a lot of fresh ingredients.. It's got a real nice taste to it. It tastes FRESH !

So keep it up George... Johnny Truesdell is one picky bastard when it comes to food and if he likes your pizza you're ahead of the game..

If any of you folks are near the Liverpool, NY area stop in and try the place out.. it's not just pizza either.. he's got wings, sandwiches, lasagna.. etc etc

This is the actual picture of the Peperonni/Sausage slices that I had.. They grind up and make the sausage themselves right at the shop and the cheese is definetly some sort of high end provolone.. I didn't think I would like it as I am a mozzerela kind a guy, but it was really good.

Video I took is terrible quality because I had my phone set for very low quality.. sorry...


Johnny Truesdell Photography

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