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Official Mascot of Alexandria Bay
Posted Saturday, September 09, 2006 at 9:59:51 PM     Alexandria Bay, NY 1000 Islands

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Well, I say it's the frigin Skunk cause we must have at least 50 or more of the damn things in town. You can't go anywhere without smelling or seeing them. Hell, last week when I was driving by the Dirty Doggy and I saw a family of 7 skunks come out of Bruce Carhart's deck and cross the street. (Ya, I know what your thinking but let's leave Bruce out of the discussion.. hehe)

It's ridiculous, those damn things are everywhere. I live on Church Street and it's gotten so bad I now have a little flashlight on my keychain so I can make sure there are no skunks before I go into my back door. Last week I ended up about 3 feet from one and the noise it made scared the shit out of me so from now on I check. I was lucky it didn't spray me, but I stopped as soon as I saw it and backed away. I hear there are a shitload of those little suckers on the other side of town too.

I say the village needs to start trapping and killing the little bastards like they did a few years back. Temporary solution or not. Either that or I have a new Logo the Chamber can use on next year's Visitor's Guide.

If you got a recent story about the infamous Alexandria Bay Skunk leave a comment about it.

BTW: I was sitting in my back room working when I smelled one from outside. That is what made me think of putting this up.


Johnny Truesdell Photography

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