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2012 Polar Bear Dip Photo Gallery -1076 Photos !!
Posted Saturday, March 03, 2012 at 2:03:41 PM     Alexandria Bay, NY 1000 Islands

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Every year we upload a huge gallery of photos from the Polar Bear Dip.

This year is no exception. Is 1076 enough ??

Click the graphic below to load gallery.. be aware the 1st image may take about 10-15 seconds to load. That is due to over 1000 thumbnail images that must load 1st..

And the hell with the damn Mimes. Let me tell you a little story about a very miserable acting person who left some really shitty comments on this site. Because of that the pictures of her and her Partner-in-MIME are not in the gallery.

Her human name is "Shannon", her MIME name is "Stupid MIME", and she was apparently so pissed/jealous the day or so after the Polar Dip regarding her pictures NOT being on this site YET that she felt it necessay to leave some pretty shitty comments about yours truly "Johnny Truesdell" while at the same time bashing another jumper by calling her a "Skank". Quite a lot of communication for a MIME, but apparently MIMES have no trouble typing.. and because of her and a few other people acting terrible I just got sick of babysitting it all and turned off all the comments on the page.

So here's what I have to say. I spend a lot of time promoting and covering the Polar Bear Dip. I don't get paid to advertise any of it. I spend about 100 hours on the Polar Bear Dip every year. I sit there for hours taking video and pictures when I would much rather be having fun like the rest of the people there. Then I spend about a week working on the video and pictures. Overall I might make $200.00 because of the extra web site traffic over a weeks time and I give half of that to my photographer Abay Paparazzi. I try to sell a few pics for him every year, but really that doesn't amount to enough to buy him lunch. That being said I'm pretty sure we've taken pictures of her in past years and even put her in the videos, but hey I guess that isn't good enough for her. She felt it necessary to be the biggest jerk of 2012 all because her pictures were not up yet. One more thing, I have limited time to do the things I do. The 1st things I put online are the things the majority of my visitors want to see. Then as I have time I post more I post more. I also check what other outlets have covered and MICKSGRAPHICS had the MIME picture situation as well as a few other jumpers covered pretty well. That's just the way it is. Brittnee, Spider Smitty.. then more each day as I have time.. If our MIME wasn't so busy making silly hand signals and pretending to be trapped in an imaginary box maybe she would have noticed that there were plenty of pics of her already online over at MICKS site..

Love Johnny.. the "horny old man" as you called me.. also why don't you ask the 34 mutual friends we have about me and see if I really "Suck" as you say..

And people wonder why I often get sick of working on this web site..


Johnny Truesdell Photography

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