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Alex Bay History - THE HALFWAY INN
Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 11:25:58 AM     Alexandria Bay, NY 1000 Islands

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Situated somewhere near the current entrance to The Edgewood Resort and the old dirt road that currently leads to Williams Gas Station this boarding house was owned by my Great Grandfather Truesdell known as "OLD JOE" of which I have a picture of farther down on this page.

This was the childhood home of Mary Gray Truesdell who was said to like to use the roof to sneak in and out of the place. :)

Were really not sure what's up with the guy standing on the roof.
It almost doesn't look like a real person. Perhaps he just went up there to pose while the picture was taken?

We do know that much of the lumber from the HALFWAY INN was used in the construction of Joe's Texaco which still stands today. Now called Williams Valero..

Does anyone remember this place or know exactly where it was situated?
Please leave a comment if you do.

Old Joe Truesdell.. not my Grandfather Joe Folks... my Great Great Grandfather Joe.. said by many to be the most physically powerful man ever to live in Alexandria Bay. Nobody messed with Old Joe. Joe used to climb and paint high flag poles with no ropes. It was also said that he could walk for miles on his hands uphill and that if he got ahold of you.. well.. you weren't getting loose till he let go :)


Johnny Truesdell Photography

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