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Johnny's Quadcopter Adventures - Flying To Boldt Castle [Video]
Posted Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 6:08:03 AM     Alexandria Bay, NY 1000 Islands

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Last night around 7pm I attempted yet again to fly the Quadcopter to Boldt Castle and back.. Watch the video to see how that went..

So here's the play by play.. I lifted off from Casino Island and after a quick check of my controls headed slowly and steadily towards Boldt Castle.. things were going great, but after a while the Quadcopter was so far away from me that I began to get a little nervous. It was just a tiny speck in the sky. That being said, I was pretty sure that I went completely over Boldt Castle before I turned around and flew back home.

Anyway, I headed home happier than a little school girl, excited that I achieved my stupid little goal... However, when I reviewed the footage at home reality sunk in..


Now, if you're wondering about that telemetry data in the video, I couldn't see that information while flying. The flight information is logged on a tiny black box of sorts and the overlays added to the video later on. I actually do have a system that can send a live video feed back to me with telemetry data and power level info, but because the extra weight and power consumption it would have made this short flight even shorter.

As it was the Quadcpter came back to me with very low power. If I'm going to make it to Boldt and back it's going to need to shed some weight. Most likely the next time I attempt this I'll leave the rather heavy camera stabilization gimbal off and fly with just a naked GoPro camera.. Taking off from somewhere a little closer to the castle will help too..

ohh.. one last thing.. if you missed my 1st attempt at flying to Boldt Castle watch the video below.. it's right after the part where I almost lose the damn thing at Lake of The Isles after accidently calibrating it's compass over a 12 inch subwoofer I didn't know was under the boat's back seat.


Johnny Truesdell Photography

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