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Truck Goes Through The Ice In Alexandria Bay [Photos]
Posted Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 5:26:10 PM     Alexandria Bay, NY 1000 Islands

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Today (01-17-15) while attempting to get the ice ready for the upcoming Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament someone with a plow truck went through the ice.

Location.. Otter Creek Boat Launch Area.. Alexandria Bay, NY

Attempts to get the truck out have so far failed, causing it to sink in a little further with each attempt.. as of 5pm the truck is partially under water and it appears efforts will continue in the morning..

I'm told no humans were hurt, but so far 3 heavy duty chains have paid the ultimate price..

Just goes to show ya that even with all this negative degree weather... the ice isn't always safe for large vehicles... sometimes snow insulates it... and it's not as thick/strong as you might think..

UPDATE: 01-18-2015.. the next morning the community came together and constructed a system to lift the truck up and out of the water. Everything went as planned and the truck is now out.

NOTE: this person was volunteering his time to get the ice ready for a community event.. what happened was unfortunate, but if you leave a nasty comment calling the person names and what not your comment will be deleted and your Facebook Account will be banned from commenting on the site indefintely. Shit happens sometimes.. the guy feels bad enough about the whole deal.. have a laugh, leave a light hearted comment, but don't be a douche. We don't put up with it here.


Thanks to Doug Tulloch here's a photo of the contraption built to get the truck out.. Geronimo Bates, Gary Plantz, and many many others worked for hours to make this happen.

Pond Hockey Facebook Page.. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Labatts-1000-Island-Pond-Hockey-Tournament/320564891302138


Johnny Truesdell Photography

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