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Alexandria Bay & The River of Glass [Original Video]
Posted Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 12:50:40 PM     Alexandria Bay, NY 1000 Islands

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Yesterday evening was nothing special, no sunset to speak of, no fancy colors, but yet, something magical still happened.. The river became glass.. 

And yer old pal Johnny Truesdell was there to film it :)  ENJOY

PRO TIP.. hit the HD button on the video before playing and adjust the quality a little higher.. that is, if your computer and internet connection can handle it ;)

If you enjoyed this and would like to help fund more productions like it Johnny does have a TIP JAR
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Lasty, I am going to start selling some of my prints soon on johnnytruesdell.com very soon. I have the site online, but nothing on it for sale just yet. Check back though as I will get some things on there as soon as I can. If interested in a print send me an email at abaynews@gmail.com and let me know what you are after and I can give you some options..


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