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-  (August 2006 News) -

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(alexandria bay) news We want your news, if you have something interesting send it to us at .

Feel free to send pictures as well. It just might end up on the site.
Be sure to put that email in your cell phone because you can send text and picture messages to it as well.

6th Annual Blues in The Bay (Labor Day Weekend September 1st-4th)
Click here for the full schedule.

Vermont Shooting Rampage
Christopher Williams goes on a shooting rampage with a a large-caliber handgun and murders 2 people.

Picture of the week..
Chef Dave from Coleman's Dock of The Bay.

Some recent pics from our little buddy ABAY PAPARAZZI

Chicken Parmesan Round 2

I had a bunch of people email me about the Chicken Parmesan and some of them mentioned the Clipper and Foxy's so here are my opinions on them since I have had it recently at both locations.

In my opinion Foxy's Chicken Chicken Parmesan is just not very good and their Italian bread has little flavor if any. The chicken parmesan has this odd tasting covering on it. It is more like some sort of slightly creamy thin seasoned veggie layer than it is a crunchy breaded texture and I just don't like it. It is almost white and light green in color. I love ya Peter, but I got to tell it how it is and I would not order that entry again. Another person with me had it as well and did not like it either. I will say that George from Skiff's and my friend Steve Jobson think your Chicken Parmesan is really good so there are definitely different opinions on it.

As for the clipper, in my opinion the Clipper has a pretty good Chicken Parmesan, it's a nice portion, tender yet a bit crunchy on the outside and covered with sauce and cheese as it should be, but their spaghetti side is not all that great. The sauce on it is not very tasty and every time I go there it seems the spaghetti is over or undercooked and there isn't much of it. I know it's just a side, but it's part of the meal and it should be good. Hey, how hard is it to make decent spaghetti? They also could have a better tasting fresh baked bread. It is way better than Foxy's bread which I am pretty sure is not freshly baked, but still could be a lot better.

Chicken Parmesan

I like the basics done well. That being said Chicken Parmesan is one of my favorite meals when I am out. I've never been a big supporter of the place, but I just gotta say that Cavallario's Steak House in Alexandria Bay has a pretty awesome Chicken Parmesan. I have had it the last two times I was there and it is just great. It comes with a decent salad, 2 portions of tender breaded chicken with delicious sauce and cheese, a side of very tasty spaghetti, and a homemade fresh out of the oven mini bread loaf with real whipped butter. If you really like bread like I do and ask for more they hook you up. The only issue with the bread is they never give a good sharp knife to cut it with and you end up crushing it. The meal is about 15.00 and that isn't cheap by any means, but if you are looking to treat yourself you simply can not go wrong with this
meal. Another cool thing about Cavallario's is you can eat right at the bar.

I give Cavallario's Chicken Parmesan a 9 out of 10.

Zero-Tolerance DWI Crackdown

Just a warning folks... I was going to put this up on the site last week but forgot.
A DWI crackdown throughout the Tri-State area began on Friday the 18th and goes on until Labor Day.
The zero-tolerance campaign is called "Drunk Driving: Over the Limit, Under Arrest," The enforcement effort will include stepped-up patrols and DWI checkpoints. So, if you've been waiting for your chance to get a DWI now is the time.

Is the Dirty Doggy using Cheaters ?

From what I understand using "Cheaters" is when you pass off well booze as premium booze in mixed drinks by filling bottles up ahead of time. 1st off I have to say that there is absolutely no physical proof of this happening at the Dirty Doggy besides some opinions of a few people. I find it pretty interesting that I remember about 3 people last week verbally telling me they didn't feel they got the type of labeled booze they ordered at the Dirty Doggy and now someone has left a message in the Guestbook saying the same thing. All I know is that people know their booze and a lot of them can tell if something is up. Let's hear from other people about this ? Is this true or not? Is it just bad bartending? Is it the action of one Bartender or the Owner's? Is this something that only happens on busy Weekends? Is this not true? What's the deal ? If you have any information to add please do so whether it be in defense of the Dirty Doggy or a story about a drink you got there. If this is true it's pretty damn lame, but hey, if their bartenders are so bad that people think they are getting ripped off on drinks then it seems to me they should do something about that too.

Dancing Dog... you're in the DOG HOUSE with me !!!!! exclamation I have been drinking Jose' for years right along with Capt. Morgan and I'm telling you to stop useing cheaters !!! mad I was there a couple of weekends and asked for those lables and got shit drinks.sicksicksick Your bartenders have no clue how to make drinks !! questionquestionfrownmad Get REAL bartenders, Mike and Carol !! Or nobody will be comming back there eather.frown Also a friend of mine was drinking Jack and cokes and she said her drink wasn't Jack eather !!
8/22/2006 8:40:33 PM   Show Email

S.O.B.S. REPORT (8-21-2006)

Kiesznowski and the gang put on a hell of a show at Skiffs late afternoon.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with the Village People.

And yes I know, this is pretty damn gay looking, but hey it was frigin funny.
I guess this is what happens when your absolutely shitfaced and someone
hands you a leather police cap and some sunglasses.

"look out, heee's baaaaack"
Jeremy Nelson is in town. Photo submitted by ABAY PAPARAZZI (8-18-2006)

Jeremy Nelson


 Freedom of speech. One of our constitutional rights.
Who is anyone to say or commune over what I write or say, images that I portray, related to this town I love, and affectionately call Abay?

Recently a very good friend of mine asked me for a personal favor. That favor was to take down my last article on "Downtown". While I would do almost any favor for this person short of donating an arm, this time I had to say no. You see, if I did that I would be sacrificing the very soul of this site and I would be betraying myself. If this person truly understood what this site means to me this person would not have asked this favor of me. That I can understand, but perhaps my friend will soon comprehend.

  • I will continue to tell it how I see it.
  • I will continue to report on what I want to report on.
  • I will continue to provide my site visitors with the content they have grown to expect from me.

Let's clear something up yet again, I have nothing against the owner's of "Downtown". I actually like both of them. I have known Rick on & off for years, I think he is a decent enough guy, and we have always gotten along fine. What I do have is some issues with is the new Bar itself and as many of you know I have commented on it. If the owners of "Downtown" would like to respond to my comments they are more than welcome to and I will post it on the site. They can send me the text, they can sign the guestbook, I can send a video crew to record their comments, whatever they want?... I'll put it up for everyone. I am sure there is more to this than what I have experienced or been told. If the owners of "Downtown" want to clear the air on anything I sincerely hope they tell their side of the story.

In a nutshell no one is safe from my praise or criticism. I get the picture lately that "Downtown" feels like they are getting singled out and are the only place I criticize. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example Joey D. is my good friend, but yet I continue to Bash on his Pizza. My friend George from Skiffs wore a Superman shirt one day to the lake and I made a funny little video about it. showcasing his super powers. (Aren't you glad I brought that up again George?)  I make fun of myself on a regular basis when I go out promoting the site as Johnny Truesdell. I like the Drive-In Cheeseburgers so I wrote a movie/cheeseburger review for the place. I laid the smackdown on the Dancing Dog on more than one occasion as that place is a total disaster as well. etc etc etc.... Literally anyone or any place could be the focus of upcoming news items. (Good or Bad), so get used to it. It doesn't matter if someone advertises on the site or not. I will say what I want to say on my web site. If people have a problem with that I suggest they don't look at the web site or better yet they put up their own damn web site and say what they want to say. If you want good things said about you then earn it. Additionally, comments are always welcome in the guestbook.

My friend Nick Schaefer's Dad summed things up pretty well one day when he said the following.
"Well, at least with Johnny you always know where you stand"

ULTIMATELY, The news items and comments I post eventually disappear into the monthly archives and life goes on. That my friends is


And this time they are getting hit on by a 1 year old. This kid is going right for the boob with a big kiss!
Picture submitted by his mom Kristin Cobb. This is priceless, this kid is going to be an animal.

ABAY PAPARAZZI has been hard at work.

Various Alexandria Bay Photos


ABAY PAPARAZZI catches a pike in Alexandria Bay.

ABAY PAPARAZZI documents a diving trip mishap in Alexandria Bay.
Apparently this happened on 8-13-06


Big Ray has left a message
in the Guestbook that all should read.

More Welcome Island Fire Pics
Originally submitted by Bob Gates
(True source is
Ron Mowers of the Wellesley Island Area who has now given us permission to use them)

Welcome Island Fire

There was a hell of a fire over on Welcome Island Yesterday.
Welcome Island is across the river from Alexandria Bay. These pictures were submitted by
ABAY PAPARAZZI who said everything happened around 6-8 pm Sunday. (8-13-2006)

The fire rekindled around 11:00 AM Today (Monday 8-14-2006).
The Alexandria Bay fire department quickly took care of it.

A Look A-like of the Former Soprano Star Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero
 has been hanging around town lately. Abay local Bryan Tidd submitted this
picture with him taken at the Shipwreck on Karaoke Night.

And we got a cell phone video as well.
Turn your speakers down cause he is one loud dude and the sound isn't very good.


Picton Island Party

My friend Janet has just sent me information about this HUGE EVENT !

The annual Picton Island Party is upon us! August 19th at noon! Party in the 1,000 islands. Beer pong in the water. Corn & Chicken Speedies, 50/50 Raffle. Jello shots. JP Shaggy playing on the floating barge. Bring your choice of drink and dish to pass. In case of bad whether the Party moves to Canoe Point on Grindstone Island. Last year there were well over 100 Boats at the Party. Remember to have a good time and don't do anything to spool it for everyone else. That mean no reckless activity and be responsible. This is the party of the year and it gets bigger every year. The party is on the Clayton Side (South Side) of the Island in the Big Bay.

If someone was COOL they would bring a pontoon boat, a big grill, and about 300 Hoffman Hotdogs...
That's my suggestion :)



Party location in RED, Backup location in Yellow

Picture of the week..
We didn't realize the site was so popular!


This is's Opinion on "Downtown", The bar formally known as Bootlegger's.


Last night some really cool guys from Buffalo who have been coming to Bootleggers for around 10 (Correction 22 Years) years got treated like second class citizens at "Downtown". These guys are so cool that they used to help bounce at the door every time they came up. They never caused a problem yet they were big enough to take on a Football Team. They were a BIG HELP each time they showed up and also a lot of fun to hang out with. Regardless, one of them named ROCK got kicked out because he grabbed some more ice for his drink from the guy bringing some ice to the bar. He said they were real jerks about it too and before you know it he and his two friends had to leave. They told me so in person and I believe them. ROCK said the guy flipped out and told him on the spot he was kicked out and to get out now. These guys own and work at bars in Buffalo and you can bet your ass they won't have anything good to say about the bar scene in Alexandria Bay. They actually told me this is probably the last time they come up here and I can't say I blame them. It's not just the 3 of them either. They and their friends pretty much have half of the Ship Motel filled up right now so now you got about 30-40 people at the ship motel pissed at "Downtown"

This is not the way you treat people that have been coming here for 10 (Correction 22 Years)  years. You don't flip out on a guy that grabs some ice for his drink. Especially a guy that has been coming to that very building for years and has been considered part of the family. ROCK even tried to mention that he helped out here every year during Pirate's Weekend and they still said too bad. This is just one of many things that have happened at this place this year. As far as I am concerned the place is a total JOKE, not to mention it looks like it got decorated by a fleet of gay sailors.

I personally can vouch for the Bouncers at "Downtown" acting like jerks. Last week I was in there giving the place a chance and about 2 minutes after the lights went on for closing time some bouncer singles me out and comes up to me and says. "Hey BUB, you need to get out of here now!" (And he said it in a real jerky way), I said ok, but can I just finish my drink and he just stands there and stares at me like a complete tool. Again, that is not how you treat people and for JEBUS sake I bounced there for 3 years. There is an art to getting people out of the bar and 2 minutes after the lights go on is not the time to be an aggressive jerk. I could see if there were problems going on at the time, but it was a peaceful night at the bar and there was no reason for it. People were already starting to filter towards the door in good numbers and I was one of them. Part of the problem with their bouncers is they fired a guy named Troy who was the only good experienced bouncer they had. He actually knew what he was doing, but the majority of them got no clue how to deal with people. I've been told they have had a lot of fights in that place this year too. Last year Bootleggers had literally no fights and that is because they had a seasoned staff of bouncers that knew how to handle things without getting people upset at them for no reason.

Shadow Dancing, Glow Stick Parties, Velvet Loveseats, Horse Saddles for bar stools, a Jewelry Shop in the bar, Please??

This may not be entirely true, but I was even told by Troy (the fired bouncer) that there is a rule that at least one bouncer must stay near the owner(s) at all times to protect them. To protect them from what ??? Gremlins??, The Boogie Man?? Gang Members??, Genetically Enhanced Killer Gorillas??, Are you frigin kidding me ?? This is Alexandria Bay, not NYC!! If that is true that is just plain retarded!

Certain people convinced me earlier this year to give "Downtown" a chance and see what they make of the place. Well, "Downtown" had it's chance to be a cool place and as far as I am concerned they blew it. In my opinion everything I speculated on has become a reality. They did with the place exactly what I knew they would and as far as I am concerned they ruined the place. They ruined the best big bar in town!!! To be real honest they made it even worse than I ever could have imagined. "Downtown" is everything Alexandria Bay is not. "Downtown" belongs in Miami Florida or something. Anybody that likes that place needs to get their head out of their ass! The really sad part is this town is probably going to lose a lot of regular out of town bar customers that after this years visit might not be coming back to our town. When that happens we all lose out.


To sum this up..

  • I don't care if I am flat out drunk and there are 100 hot chicks in that place. I am not setting foot in there again.
  • If four of my drunk friends were to try and drag me in there I would hang on to a parking meter until my frigin arms rip off.
  • If JEBUS himself said "JOHNNY, YOU MUST GO TO DOWNTOWN !", I would YELL back "SORRY, NO F@!*ING WAY !, but I'll buy ya a drink at Skiffssmile

- Get the picture !!! -

Folks, I am Johnny Truesdell and I call it like I see it. Like I said above, this is all just my opinion so take it for what it is. I have strong opinions on a lot of subjects and a lot of times people don't agree with me. I highly suggest you give "Downtown" a chance and form your own opinion. They deserve that much. If you're real lucky maybe you can get Trevor the Bartender to do a back flip while he mixes your drink, just don't forget to duck

If you have a comment leave it in the guestbook.

I want to know what people think whether they agree with or they don't.

Screw all this smelly pirate bullshit !! This is my idea of Pirate Days.
Instead of Alex and his Gang of Smelly Pirates we fill the town up with hot chicks dressed in skimpy pirate outfits.

Pirate Days are here !!
This is a 10-day event featuring a Pirate Invasion on August 12th & 19th and daily entertainment.

Click here for Full Information on the Pirate Days schedule.

Pizza Poll Interviews Round 3
A few more interviews from Sunday 8-6-2006
Sorry, but these are not very funny compared to the others.

Alexandria Bay goes CNN !
This article just went up on the CNN site.

My Buddies Big Ken & Hartman enjoying some cold ones.

Picture of the week..

By Popular Demand! More Pizza Poll Interviews.

You asked for em, you got em! These are from Tues August 1st.
Since that night is known as Tricia Tues I also took a quick little trip to the Smokehouse Bar to say hi though it may look more like a stalking.


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