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It's that time of year and we have all new merchandise in the store.

-  (May 2006 & Earlier News) -

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Opening Night in Abay
Well, Friday May 19th brought a lot of changes to the Abay Bar Scene, Congratulations are in order for Skiff's, Downtown, And Dirty Dog's for a lot of hard work getting their new stuff ready for the season. If you haven't checked out the 3 Giant High Definition TV units upstairs at Skiffs you really need to. The whole setup is crazy, with a totally new sound system to boot. The picture below is not a great picture but it gives you the general idea.

BTW: Congratulations also go out to Rob Reddick (sp) for running down the street full tilt in dress clothes (Miami Vice Style), jumping in his Silver Viper, flooring it back to "Downtown", missing out on the parking spot he wanted out front by about half a second, really thinking about going for it anyway, realizing the guy might back into him if he tries, pulling up next to the poor guy and giving him THE LOOK, then looking somewhat disappointed as he takes a few more laps looking for another cool parking spot. That was frigin classic. It has happened to us all Rob, but not quite like your version.

May Hail In Abay

This past Thursday, May 18th it was hailing.
These pictures were submitted to us by
ABAY PAPARAZZI and are taken on the Alexandria Belle.

Joey D was recently spotted enjoying a Delicious Slice of Pizza at Cavallarios Pizza.
I am not sure what is going on with with his collar, but I do know that is an $80.00 dollar shirt. :) Be sure to check out the Joey D Pizza Rap. Ladies, if you sing it when you pick up your pizza you get a kiss.

His name's Joe D. and he's the Man
He's got Pizza and Wings in both his hands

One Arm near the fryer, one arm near the stove
He's a cookin machine ya'll, He's out of control

When people eat his pizza it makes them smile
It's so damn good some of them drive for miles

Fresh ingredients is really what it's all about
Smokin hot, piping fresh, and ready to take out!

Can anyone spot the REAL Matt Ferency?

This picture on the left was submitted by Tony Scott. Supposedly it is Che Guevara, who was a leader of the communist overthrow in Cuba and was later killed by the CIA. Isn't that nice? I hope nobody sees this and thinks he is still alive. Local Celebrity Bartender Nick Schaefer has guaranteed Matt's safety so there is nothing to worry about. Nick specialty is jagermeister overdoses, so if you spot any Cubans or Black Suits in town send them over to Nicks Bar.

Can anyone spot the REAL Nick Schaefer ?

Jack Osbourne

Folks, Johnny Truesdell is in love.

Is the Islander Building Haunted ?
According to local Ghost Hunter Dan Gable it just might be. Check out the mysterious ORBS in these pictures that he recently took. Are they just dust particles playing tricks with the camera or are they spirits from beyond? Either way Captain seems to be unaffected by them.

Congratulations to the Thurs Night Dart Champs
Thanks to Skiffs for supporting the Dart League.

(Left to right - Bottom - Derrick Brice, Ron Hazelton)
(Left to right - Top - Buster Malone, Chris Jaques)
(SUB Dick Hirsh not shown)

2006 St. Patrick's Party Photos are now in the gallery

Bootleggers Forever

The fun spot we knew as Bootleggers Nite Club is no more, but it will always be remembered. Bootleggers was the last old school nite club in the Bay. It was the only large bar/dance club you could go and have a good time without dealing with all the goofballs that some of the other clubs used to attract. The place had history, Some of you may remember when the building was called the Ragtime.

Now the Bay has lost one of it's best Dance Clubs / Hangouts. One thing is for sure. Bootleggers will be missed. Scotty and Brent ran a friendly and fun place and the great staff kept things fun.

Interesting Fact: Many of you do not know this but that building actually played a part in how the Abay local "Critter" got his nickname when someone said. "We got to find something for that little Critter to do!" as he was always hanging around there as a young boy because his brother Larry worked there. This information comes straight from Critter's mom.

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